Jared Jones

As a VA-approved lender, Fairway is ready to help you plant roots in central Missouri. Jared Jones, a Fairway mortgage loan officer specializing in VA home loans, will guide you every step of the way through a smooth mortgage or refinance process. No matter how close you want to live to Whiteman Air Force Base in Warrensburg, or whether you want to live out in the country or in a small community nearby, Jared can get you the home of your dreams. With his detailed understanding of the VA home loan process, Jared will help you take advantage of your well-deserved military benefits by utilizing a VA home loan.

Jared joined the lending industry in January 2015. He graduated from Columbia College with majors in finance and business management. Prior to joining the lending industry, Jared spent three years working as an insurance agent and found his love of working hard for the people of the community. Jared is committed to putting the needs of his customers before anything else, and he promises to make the process of obtaining a loan an enjoyable experience. Call Jared to find out what legendary customer service really feels like and why Fairway should be your only option in opening the door to your next home.

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